Hello World-Welcome!

I am indie author A.M. Day with A Novel Perspective on the realm of writing, indie authors, indie/self-publishing and things in between. I promise an interesting read and to delight as only an up and coming blogger wanting followers…lots of followers…tons of followers can. Okay, I want millions of followers! Let’s just call it like it is and that’s exactly what we’ll do; hopefully with the latter attached–millions of followers glued to the edge of their seats, clamoring, buzzing, and smitten with anticipation for the next topic intheAMDay feverishly pecks out on the page.

You won’t hear fluff stories about writing for yourself and cutting the middleman out (i.e. traditional publishers). You won’t hear the horrors of quitting a job/career to take up writing full-time, or the demands one’s family puts on them while creating the next best work of literary brilliance–or will you?

intheAMDay‘s A Novel Perspective is a blog I wanted to create to share writing, pre-pub/publishing and the process experiences for the fans, authors–seasoned pros and newbies like myself (yes, dare I say it?) I am a beginner/new author. And I OWN IT! I have accomplishments under my belt that make me a bona fide pro in other areas of my life. I am a single mother who has raised a fully grown man-child, a daughter old enough to vote, and my youngest daughter, who will be old enough to vote next year. I have tackled many odd jobs and the field of freelance journalism. Ever try to raise a family on a freelance salary? It’s like living on commission, but I’m grateful for the opportunity given.

Note to self: This means you, new and aspiring writers. Remember, J.K. Rowling, E.L. James and others had to be newbies before becoming famed authors. Wink-Wink!

A Novel Perspective is also for those of us who ask or have ever asked the questions, “Why is this so hard? I don’t know about this? Is writing what I really want to do? I don’t need to be the next J.K. Rowling or E.L. James, do I?” There will be a plethora of things covered from technology/social media to “My dog ate my homework” a.k.a. “I didn’t feel like writing today, so I did blank instead.” We will explore the joys of the easy stuff before, during and after writing our masterpieces, the joys of marketing and promoting. Ha! That’s what you think. And so much more. Join intheAMDay for the ride.

Can’t wait to get started, I won’t disappoint! Check out my author’s blog Realm Play for more author writery stuff!

Always have A Novel Perspective,

A.M. Day

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