Love Craft–Writing is more than a job

Writing is a craft not different from the passion of sculpting, painting or refurbishing. As a writer, one molds and shapes the words on a page, weaving material in and out of various places, smoothing out the rough edges, going over every line and gazing ever so intense at their work until it becomes a satisfactory piece. Writers take the stories in their heads, and with vigorous or soft strokes of a pen, nowadays with the clacking of keys over the computer keyboard, create their masterpieces. Writers are constantly fixing, altering and taking things apart to get that perfect polished piece.

In the whirlpool of writing, everyone has a story to tell and not all authors do it for the fortune and fame. What good is money and notoriety if that is your only drive for writing? At some point it will show in the work and may be lost on your audience. Some might argue that with money they can afford some real passion and motivation, at least that’s what a buddy of mine said.  But you either have the passion to write or you don’t.

Money is a motivator and don’t get me wrong, I enjoy making money like most. It supports my insane coffee and shoe habits…oh and my family. A lot of great writers get there by way of passion, the love they have for the well-expressed words turned to stories, the faith they put in themselves as writers and the support of family, friends, or a good literary agent.

For some writers, writing is synonymous with breathing, with living, and they can’t have one without the other. I can’t. I love waking after only 4 or 5 hours of sleep while the rest of the house is in deep slumber and before the birds are up chirping and fluttering by the windows. I love writing stories and falling in love with certain characters, their quests and the fantasy realms I create for them. I love not knowing all the twists and turns in my stories, not always knowing where my characters will end up until I get there and knowing the ending of a story before I get to the middle of one is almost my favorite. I love being able to, mid-story, erupt with word-vomit about another story totally different from the one I’m working on. I love being ass-glued to my chair, sometimes for obscene hours, before I realize I haven’t eaten or gone to the bathroom. Writing is not a job to me. Writing is my love craft. This is A Novel Perspective.

What is writing to you? Share your perspective.      

2 thoughts on “Love Craft–Writing is more than a job

  1. cjmoseley says:

    I write because the stories are always there. If I didn’t write them they’d escape some other way… Some Lovecraftian way…

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