Pass the Links #3–An Author’s Gratitude

A Pass the Links series

Paying it forward with more Twitter author links.

To thank my Twitter/WordPress blog followers for taking the time out to read my tweets and blog posts, I’ve compiled a list of their newly released and upcoming novels and writings.

If you follow me and don’t see your name on the list, don’t fret, I will be posting at least 5-10 author releases regularly over the next few months. So keep a look out for your name in my Pass the Links blog posts series. Also, feel free to leave comments with info on your newly released/upcoming novels and writings for me to post. Here is the third list of titles/authors and links below.

Thanks again,

~A.M. Day


Head Rush (Disillusionist Trilogy #3) by Carolyn Crane @CarolynCrane

Soul Sisters (Soul Sisters Trilogy Vol. 1) by Janiera Eldridge @LazenBeauty

Spider in the Rain (Creation Shadows) by Sean Roney @seanroney

The Black God’s War (Splendor and Ruin Book 1) by Moses Siregar III @MosesSiregar

Crown of Ash (Blood Skies Book 4) by Steven Montano @Daezarkian

Bitter Harvest (Harvest Trilogy Book 2) by Michael R. Hicks @KreelanWarrior

Feral (Godsland Series Book 5) by Brian Rathbone @BrianRathbone


The Hoard of the Dodges (Another exciting Quinn Adventure) by Jennings Wright @JenningsWright (Oct. 2012)

Ring Girl by A.M. Schultz @am_sch (Jan. 2013)

6 thoughts on “Pass the Links #3–An Author’s Gratitude

  1. Hey, how thoughtful and kind of you, AM Day!! And what a lovely surprise. Happy Saturday to you.

  2. Thanks so much, this is really cool! We indie authors can never have enough love! Have an awesome weekend. xoxo

  3. Jennings says:

    Thanks!! I so appreciate it! The Hoard of the Doges is now available on Amazon – newly minted, as they say. 😀

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